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Rufford In Days Gone By - Bertha Crocker & Geoff Tittershill
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Rufford Post Office Rufford Post Office in its early days, when the cafe belonged to Miss Jackson.

The house was called `CraigWen'.
Rufford Post Office Rufford Post office in the fifties prior to the straigtening of the main Liverpool Road. Mr. Cowburn was then the Post Master, later followed by Bill and Mary Griffin and at present in the hands of Don and Audrey Yates.
Rufford Smithy This photograph shows the Rufford Smithy, which has changed little over the years. However, Mr. Stanley Lingard, village blacksmith until his recent retirement, well remembers the many changes in work from horses and carts to farm vehicles. The main Liverpool - Preston main road too has seen big changes in use and the wear and tear on its surface is reflected on the apparent dwarf wall, which due to repeated road surfacing stands now at little over half its original height of eight stones.
Wheelright and Joiner's Shop The wheelwright and joiner's shop adjacent to the Smithy in Liverpool Road. Mr. William Moss can be seen painting the coach lines on the side of a farm wagon.