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Rufford In Days Gone By - Bertha Crocker & Geoff Tittershill
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The `Empress Cafe' built at the turn of the century.
In 1983, both these buildings were demolished to make way for a development of twenty cottage-style starter homes.
The Tango Cafe and Dance Hall, Rufford Mr. & Mrs. Leadbetter, from Liverpool, transformed the `Empress Cafe' into this lively and popular dance hall. People came from all over West Lancashire, including many `theatrical' folk from the Garrick Theatre, Southport.
Local football and cricket dances were held to the music of the hall's resident band.
The Rectory - demolished in the 1930's The Rectory, Rufford. Demolished around 1930 when Lord Hesketh instructed that it be taken down due to dry rot in the timber work.
Preparing the site of the burial ground Following the demolition of the Rectory, many well-known local men and boys, cleared the site of huge sycamore and fruit trees, preparing the land for a new burial ground.