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The Rufford Shoot

The Rufford Shoot. This was held annually over a full week, when a typical bag would be: rabbits (563), hares (686), partridges (743), pheasants (1,536) and woodcock (10).
Shown here are members of the shoot prior to them going over to Highsand's Wood and then on into the mere.

Game was specially bred and reared for this annual event.
On the occasion of the Fox Hunt, the Hon. R.G. Dickinson's Foxhounds were brought into use.

Here, members of the `shoot' are shown outside the stables of Rufford New Hall.

Rufford Mill

Rufford Mill stood adjacent to the site of Lawn Villas, in Liverpool Road. In fact Lawn Villas were, in part, built from bricks and stone belonging to the old mill.