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Rufford In Days Gone By - Bertha Crocker & Geoff Tittershill
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The Croston Pageant 1951. The pageant was a fundraising function in support of the proposed new `Bishop Rawstorne' secondary school.
The pageant included singing, recitations, court jester, drama and many scenes from local history.
Each parish had its own `party' spot and costumes were hired specially for the occasion. The event was supported by big and enthusiastic crowds from the surrounding villages.
And more recently, in the late seventies, a group of local people enjoying themselves at Rufford Mediaeval Market and Fair. This event dates back to the 12th century when the original charter was granted by Edward III. In 1976 it came into being in its present form and over recent years has become a popular, annual event enjoyed by thousands of people in early May.

The Rufford Cricket Team photographed in the 1930s.
On the back row can be seen, Jimmy Brindle, Bob Southworth, Fred Hall, Lynt Ashcroft, Malcolm Bridge, Tommy Chadwick, Bob Chadwick and Jim Lingard.
On the front row can be found Bill Moss, Greg Edge, Jack Ashcroft and George Caunce.
Sitting on the grass are Jack Almond and Michael Southworth.

The Rufford Show Committee, 1920. This was a major agricultural show and was held on the park since 1846. It was continued, apart from the war years, until 1956, and in recent times has been superseded by the Mediaeval Fair.

Cattle, horses, poultry, birds, pigs and sheep were shown in the parade ring. There was also horse jumping to entertain the crowds in the evening.